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      This is a document that describes the components that are included in the Green Up Day process. The components consist of rules, laws, advertisement ideas and materials needed to participate. We were able to use this site to give us background knowledge and a better understanding of Green Up Day.

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      This web site provided us with statistics on littering. This site was filled with powerful information. The statistics are useful and very shocking. 

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      This web site provided valuable facts and statistics on littering. They prove how serious the matter of littering has become. These facts are powerful, and will make people reconsider their choices in life. 

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      In this particular section of citation its states clearly that green up day is specifically recognized and encouraged by Connecticut's State government and officials. This helps prove that Green Up Day is in fact important not only in our society today but in the past as well. Green Up Day is participated in not only its home creator, Vermont, but also in neighboring states as well.

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      This web site document gave us the definition of litter. It also told us when someone can charged with littering.

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      This is a citation that explains the process of Green Up Day in a visual manner or, a video. Citizens that are participating are assigned to pick up litter, trash or are shown to contribute in other ways. 

"Green Up Day online promotion." Youtube. Web. 15 Mar 2010. <>. 

      This is a advertisement of Green Up Day. It tells the viewers of our web site what Green Up Day is about, and the importance of working together to make Vermont clean. It is a catchy video of a cartoon moose.

"Green Up Day" The Kids at the Barn." Youtube. 12 Feb 2010. <>.

      This is a YouTube clip that showed kids participating in Green up Day. Everyone in this clip had green bags and described why they want to be a part of Green up Day. They shared with us some of the items they found when they picked up litter.

"Green Up Girl 2009." YouTube. 12 Feb 2010. <>.

      This was an advertisement for Green up Day. It is a cartoon made for kids so that they can understand and relate to Green up Day’s message.

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      This web site gave us the media image of someone holding litter out of their car window. That is something that we want to prove is irresponsible.

Lincoln , Cat. "International Coastal Clean Up Day: Sept 19." Green Daily. Aol Living, n.d. 9 Mar 2010. <>.

      This web site talks about variations of Green Up Day and how beneficial it is to our communities. Also, this web site includes statistics addressing International Coastal Clean Up Day.

"Litter Infringement Notices." What EPA does about litter from cars. 15
Mar 2010. <>.

       This is a representation in a graph formation.  It tells the public how littering fines have changed over the last few years. 

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      This was an very helpful web site, because it told us how litter effects our environments and whomever lives within it.  It also gave valuable information as to why and when people are known to litter. 

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      This web site gave us the names of a few organizations that help to clean planet Earth. These are groups that have similar beliefs as the participants of Green Up Day.

"New anti-litter ads." Louisville Expands Anti-Litter Efforts. 15 Mar 2010. <

This is a media image of the word litter written with cigarettes. Unfortunately, it proves that cigarettes have become a piece of our nation's littering habit, and an icon of sickness and waste.

"On the First Green Up." Google s. 12 Mar 2010. <>.

      This is a picture of a bunch of children and a few adults. They are posing with trash bags for the first year of Green Up Day. This is a memorable moment that we are glad we are able to incorporate in our web site.

"Orvis Green Up Day." Orvis Green Up Day 2008. 14 Mar 2010. <http:/

      This is a media image that shows people with green bags. They are helping by cleaning up litter. We want people to notice the color of the bags and show our viewers what the Green Up Day bags look like.

Pyles, David. "CONTESTS FOR STUDENTS K - 12." Green Up Vermont. Power Shift, 2010. 12 Mar 2010. <>. 

      This particular source provides us with opportunities for the public to get involved in Green Up Day. It told us various contests that are held for Green Up Day, such as an essay or a poster.

Pyles , David. "Frequently Asked Questions." Green UP Vermont. Power Shift, 2010. 16 Mar 2010. <>.

      This web site gave us information through questions that other people have asked them.  This is on the official Green Up Day web site and therefore we knew we were getting accurate information.  It told us more specifically when Green Up Day occurs and how many people participate in it.

Pyles, David. "Green Up Vermont: Tradition With a History." History- Green Up Vermont. Power Shift, 12 Feb 2010. <>. 

      This web site gave us information about the first Green Up Day in Vermont. We were able to learn how it was created and where the creator’s inspiration came from. This was a valuable source, because it described some of the groups that were involved in cleaning and where they went to pick up litter. This web site told us some of the things you might find on the side of the road during Green Up Day experiences.

Pyles, David. "Local Organizations." City of Barre., n.d. Web. 14 Mar 2010. <

      This citation includes the official Green Up Vermont logo. It also had supporting evidence of the purpose of Green Up Day.

"Recycling Fun Facts." Stumblerz. WP Greet Box WordPress Plugin, 01 01 2009. 12 Mar 2010. <>.

       We were shocked when we read some of the facts this web site had. We are sure that people will read them and be surprised too. It helps us prove the impact recycling can have.

Sanders, Bernie. "Earth Day." Bernie Sanders US Senator for Vermont. United States Senate, 22 04 2008. 1 Mar 2010. <>.

      This web site explores both Green Up Day and Earth day in political views. It explains the importance of each, and how they can be presented to the public, of which would create opportunities.

"States with Littering Penalties."
National Conference of State Legislatures. NCSL, 04 2008. 15 Mar 2010. <>.

      This web site provided us with surprising facts about the reality of littering. We learned about the consequences and the dollar amount that it costs to litter. If it weren't for Green Up Day, those who didn't get caught littering, our land would be polluted with trash and garbage.

Save The Plastic Bag. Web. 16 Mar 2010. <>.

      This is a picture of a turtle who swallowed a plastic bag.  We wanted to put this picture on our web site, because it shows how dangerous littering can be.  Perhaps people will not litter when they see this image.

"The whole Green Up crew." VPR Staff helps Green Up Perkinsville. 15
Mar 2010.

      This is a picture of people participating in Green Up Day. They have green bags that are handed out for the event. This picture shows that people come together and act towards the goal of a clean planet.

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      This is a picture of polluted water.  It shows how litter can make our water contaminated, and unappealing.

"Vermont mountains, fall: Photo by Paul Moody." Vermont Governor Proclaims Vermont Earth Week. 14 Mar 2010. <>. 

      This is a picture that captures the beauty of Vermont Mountains in the fall. If we learn how to preserve the environment with Green Up Day activities, this could stay a breathtaking view.