Green Up concept was first introduced in 1970. This event was established to first clean up the debris that was left over from melting snow on roadsides, fields etc. Green Up Day was then evolved in relation to global warming and climate change. By encouraging Green Up Day people are able to be more aware about the environment around them. The only way that people can prevent global warming is by at least participating in Green Up Day. Green Up Day is only powerful and affective if you activily participate in the activities.
Below are some clips that targets the youth and helps them learn about the importance of Green Up Day. 

"Through Green Up, Vermonters take care of their communities
and the community of Vermont.
Green Up is for everyone, for all of Vermont" (Pyles).

Although this citation pertains directly to the communities of Vermont, it does mention however that Green Up Day "is for everyone." Green Up Day was created for the sake of Vermont's landscape and communities, but it can be expanded to a worldwide concept or action.


        Although Green Up Day originated in Vermont, it has influenced many other days devoted to cleaning and saving our planet.  Green Up Day is not only reinforced by our citizens but our local governments as well.  "Green Up Vermont is the not-for-profit organization that works to enhance our state’s natural landscape and waterways and the livability of our communities by involving people in Green Up Day and raising public awareness about the benefits of a litter free environment" (Pyles).  Without Green Up Day or other activities similar to it, we would not be able to survive because we would be living in our own waste.  We would be living in a filthy and disease infested world.  Green Up Day is so important because it is vital that people take action against their own actions. People don't necessarily notice when they litter, or they think that if they just do it once it's okay, when in reality, if all people thought that way, we would be living in a community of complete distraught.

Is Earth Day the same thing as Green Up Day?
        No, however they were both created in 1970.  Green Up Day was created in Vermont to promote cleaning the roadsides by picking up litter and trash.  Earth day developed after the idea of Green Up Day.  It is celebrated worldwide in about 175 countries.  It has grown to be not only a day where people pick up trash, but take time to appreciate Earth.

What variations are there that derive from Green Up Day?
        The closest organization related to Green Up Day is probably Earth Day, because of their many similarities.  However, there are other organizations interested in keeping the Earth clean, such as the Clean Air Act, the Environmental Protection Agency, the Nuclear Regulation Agency, and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Agency. 

What are the actions that Green Up Day is responsible for?

        Green Up Day holds poster and writing contests for elementary and high school students.  They can also enter an essay or a poem of up to 400 words. These projects inform the public about the importance of Green Up Day, communites, it's citizens, and the environment.  Also, they have a website where you can find a storybook and coloring pages for kids to use.  And of course, on the first saturday of May events are set up in counties all over Vermont to get trash bags, clean up litter, and have some refreshments.

How does Green Up Day contribute to cleaning our planet?
     Every year, there are over 15,000 volunteers who pick up litter on Green Up Day.  Together, they manage to fill 40,000 trash bags.If the concept of Green Up Day is spread to other states, regions, countries, or even continents, the international problem of pollution or litter would be solved.