How Green Up Day Began

      "The idea of Green Up day was created by Robert S. Babcock, Jr.  He was a reporter for the Burlington Free Press.  One spring night, around the time the snow starts to melt away, he was driving home and noticed litter on the side of the road.  He went to Governor Dean C. Davis to share his idea of Green Up Day.

      The first Green Up day was on April 18th, 1970 It was put into action by Governor Dean C. Davis and the State Highway Department, and the Steering Committee" (Pyles). Little did Governor Dean Davis know that this event was to be carried out for a full, successful, and influential thirty-nine years. The participants included a wide variety of people. For example, "Some of the people to help includes college students, high school students, elementary school students, boy scouts, 4-H clubs, teachers, school administrators, and more. There was a total of 70,000 Vermont's who participated on Green Up Day the first year it was created.

      There were 4,000 truck loads and 20,000 cubic yards of trash was removed from the interstate and state roads.  95% of the 2,400 miles that made up the interstate and state roads were cleared of litter. 75% of the 8,300 miles of Vermont town roads were also cleared of litter and 20,000 cubic yards were covered" (Pyles). As you can see, our society and landscape benefits from all the actions of Green Up Day.

      "Unusual items that were found included a refrigerator, a dozen dead deer, a cow, a sleeping bag, a stolen purse, a bathtub, a bed, two safes, and 150 dollars.  However, about 90% of the litter was beer bottles and cans" (Pyles).